I am injured but I am working on it.” I’m sure you’ve said these words to yourself especially if you’re an athlete.

Whether it’s because it’s ski season, you like to lift, or you like to run, I thought this would be a perfect time to do a Kinesio Tape (KT Tape) versus Rock Tape review.

So, I went to Sports Basement in San Francisco this weekend and bought some K-Tape because I wanted to tape my foot. I was going to do my first post-injury run in almost four weeks and I thought the extra support would be good.

So, K-Tape comes in a package like this.

Chiropractic KT Tape

Where can I buy KT tape? Walmart is the best spot. It costs $16 for about 16ft (about $1 per foot) and it’s very simple to apply. It’s very stretchy. You pop the tape open, and then you stretch it. Then carefully cover your injury in the KT tape. 

You have so many colors to choose from. In fact, lots of flashy colors for those of you who are into it. Especially, important for runners who want to be safe when running at night.

The drawbacks to K-Tape in my experience is the cost. It’s expensive. And, it better work if I’m going to spend $16 to $17 on it.

I was taped on the same day I went for a run which was Monday. After running with the KT tape, I got into the shower. By the time I got out the tape was already starting to peel away at the edges on my foot, which really annoyed me.

If I want to support my injury the right way the tape should stick. And I want it to stick in place for a couple of days to really give me some good support. The durability was lacking in my opinion. Even after saying this, the website does seem to have two different types of tapes at different lengths of wearability which may be worth a look.

synthetic KT tape

The stick-ability of KT Tape is once you lay it on your injury, that’s it! No repositioning it. Wherever you reposition that stick-ability is now compromised. For the price, that’s not what I’m looking for. I need to have my tape to be functional.

Another drawback to KT Tape is that it comes in predetermined sizes of strips. So you basically take a pre-cut strip off. What if I needed a larger cut for my injury? So, that annoyed me a bit. For the money and the support that I needed, I wasn’t feeling the KT Tape.

Why I would use the rest of the KT Tape? Because of the fact that I paid for it. 

Why Do You Wear Supportive Tape? Does It Really Work?

So, yesterday I was talking to my friends at Pier 39 about this tape issue, and I come to find that they use Rock Tape, which is not KT Tape. So, they let me try some on. So, I did, “I love it so much”, and I got the red, white, and blue for America’s Cup in San Francisco. The cost was comparable. Rock Tape and K-Tape will come in standard sizes, each about $17 dollars roughly.

rock tape

The durability for Rock Tape: It’s a beast. That stuff stays put. I have had Rock Tape that has lasted over a week. I don’t feel like I have to walk gingerly when I’m barefoot if it’s on my foot. I feel like I can do my daily activities without the fear of the tape falling off. Now that I have had Rock Tape on I feel like the KT tape is like a palm dress, and these are farmer’s overalls.

Get properly Rock Taped by a sports chiropractor would be my advice. Don’t just google chiropractor near me.

It’s not as lightweight as the K-Tape, but when I was taped it seemed like it’s compressing lightly around the skin and keeping things where they need to be. Whereas the K-Tape felt like it was on my skin, but really wasn’t cutting it.

Rock Tape was like the difference between wearing a well-worn running shoe and a brand new running shoe.

You can feel the definite difference in support. So, for my injury I needed a beast of a tape and Rock Tape is the tape for that job.

If you sweat, if you get wet, if you rub up against stuff, it doesn’t matter. Rock Tape is very resilient.

So, there’s a huge difference in what I am getting personally out of each tape. There you have it. If you have an injury or if you are an injury-prone athlete, you are going to want to be taped at some point.

Is There Science Behind Taping?

Basically, what happens is the tape is placed on the top of your skin and then it kind of pulls your skin away from your muscle a little bit. So, blood flow can go in between that space, and so inflammation can get out of that space, and so it promotes healing, and I’m here to tell you that it actually works. I have noticed a huge difference when I’m wearing either KT Tape or Rock Tape.

I hope this has been informative. I would like for you guys to go out and buy some tape. Simply pick your supportive wear whether you need a little KT Tape or a lot of Rock Tape. If you live or work near the SF Telegraph Hill – North Beach – Financial District and feel you would be a good candidate for our taping protocol, we would love to meet you. To schedule an appointment with our San Francisco Chiropractor, please call 415–421–1115 or book an appointment online.

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