What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

10 Benefits of Neuropathy Treatment

Benefits of treatment vary by individual, cause, and condition severity. But they will generally include:

1. Reducing and Getting Rid of Pain, Tingling, Numbness

One of the clearest benefits of neuropathy treatment is fewer or no nerve pain symptoms. When nerves begin to heal, nerves can transport signals again. As a result, most or all symptoms go away.

2. Better Blood Flow

Neuropathy treatment improves the function and flow of life-giving, body-healing blood.

3. Nerve Healing

Nerves can heal! Yet, for that to happen, you must provide them with the resources they need. These include oxygen, nutrients, primarily.

Blood delivers these building blocks to nerve cells by way of the circulatory system. Neuropathy treatment can help restore proper blood flow. So your nerves now have what they need to thrive again.

4. Better Vascular Health

Neuropathy treatment directly impacts the many causes of nerve disease. But at the same time, it supports healthy blood vessels all over the body.

5. Reduce Risk of Limb Loss

Losing a limb is an unfortunate possibility when you have untreated nerve ailments. Medications mask pain. But they don’t reduce this risk.

Yet, addressing the cause of the nerve pain can allow nerves to heal.

6. Better Mobility

Move better. And feel great!

Neuropathy Treatment for feet, for example, can restore your ability to move and feel balanced. This has the added benefit of increasing your ability to stay active, further promoting nerve healing and health.

7. Less Risk of Drug Dependence

Many people with nerve pain feel their only option is to treat the pain with addictive meds. Natural neuropathy treatments allow many patients to reduce the need for this medication.

In fact, many can stop taking certain meds altogether. However, remember, you should always speak with the prescribing doctor before doing so.

8. Improved Mood and Mental Health

Many people with nerve pain also suffer from depression and anxiety. These are situational. That means they may be directly caused by pain and discomfort, not a “mental illness”. On top of that, you may feel a sense of hopelessness about your situation. That would impact anyone’s mood and mental state!

Experiencing nerve healing firsthand can reduce these situational mental health challenges. Then, start feeling like yourself again!

9. Better Overall Health

There’s something amazing about improving nerve function. It has a cascade effect on overall health. You feel better. Now, you want to get out there and enjoy life.

10. Better Quality of Life

Getting neuropathy treatment can be a game-changer for quality of life. What would it mean for your life to have less pain? Or greater mobility?

How about better mental and physical health?

You’d have a higher quality of life. You’d look forward to whatever the new day brings.

What We Evaluate


Your Spine


Your Nervous System


Your Metabolic Health

This thorough evaluation process will enable our practitioners to design an individual treatment approach.

4 Vital Components of Neuropathy Treatment

Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy

A treatment technology called Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) increases blood flow. That blood flow, in turn, repairs the nerve.

The light therapy signals Vasoendothelial Growth (VEGF). This stimulates the production of angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the creation of new blood vessels.

These healthier blood vessels grow back around the nerves. As a result, they can provide the nerves with the proper nutrients to heal and repair.

This technology has 21 peer-reviewed studies with a 97% success rate with neuropathy.


We use state-of-the-art digital electro therapeutic stimulation. This technique assists in the growth of the nerves called Nerve Re-Education. In fact, The Cancer Centers of America trusts this same treatment.

Through it, they help those undergoing chemotherapies rebuild their nerves. You can use Nerve Re-Education at home. Just perform therapy daily once we show you how! The results are often immediate— less pain and more normal sensation restoration.

Advanced Nutrition Therapy

Proper nutrition supports our other VITAL COMPONENTS. After all, It’s critical for optimal tissue and nerve repair!

Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy

At home, you’ll complete infrared electromagnetic & electrostimulation therapy. Additionally, you will visit the office 1x per week for our in-clinic protocol. Each vital component is equally essential for patient results.

Our Advanced Nutritional Therapies speed up the healing process. They do so by affecting the complex processes of inflammation, blood flow, and bioavailable nitric oxide.

Nerve cells need two things to heal…

  1. Fuel
  2. Activation

So we combine high-powered lower level light therapy & nutrition (FUEL) and Nerve ReEducation (ACTIVATION). That’s the perfect 1-2 punch for nerve regeneration.

Note: The treatment nerves need to recover varies from person to person. So you’ll need a detailed neurological and vascular evaluation to understand how you may respond to neuropathy treatment.

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