Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Truspine offers chiropractic sports medicine services that help to eliminate chronic pain and discomfort.

Choosing Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care helps to remedy sport-related injuries without the help of invasive surgeries and drugs. This can enable athletes to experience relief with minimal downtime, allowing them to get back into their preferred activities. These non-invasive treatments can also take less of a toll on their bodies in the long run.

In addition to treating current impairments, chiropractic sports medicine also aims to help patients prevent future injuries, improve overall performance, and increase natural strength. This is done with the help of our unique spinal manipulation and pain relief techniques, along with a focus on education. With our hands-on approach and knowledge of the human body, we can provide athletes with tips on ways to properly move and care for their bodies, which can decrease the chance of injury.

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Treating Professional Athletes

Treating everyone from collegiate to professional athletes to Olympians has helped chiropractic sports doctors gain wider recognition. According to the ACA, the profession has been creating a growing demand among younger athletes who benefit from chiropractic care in the areas of critical, acute and emergency care. Since the typical primary care physician is moving away from dealing with biomechanical and neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction this is very important.

Keeping a sustainable career as an athlete depends on injury prevention. A typical professional sports player may earn millions of dollars per year if he or she remains competitive. An athlete with a disabling injury is an athlete that can’t perform their job. The sports agents, athletic trainers, and coaches view chiropractic as instrumental in preventing these types of injuries and consequences. 

With professional sports casting light on its value, chiropractic is staged to become the golden standard for improving sports performance and injury rehabilitation among every type of athlete.

Treating Young Athletes

From the 30 million kids that engage in organized sports activities in the United States, about 775,000 are being treated for sports injuries. More non-fatal sports injuries are treated in the emergency room compared to other unintentional injuries, according to the Journal of Neurological Science. Conventional medicine treats fractures, dislocations, lacerations, and damaged tendons and ligaments. Yet many athletes leave the hospital with as much spinal stress as they had prior to care.

Due to more delayed reaction times compared to adults, younger athletes are more susceptible to injuries. Since they are growing and developing, they also are more likely to be less coordinated. Majority of injuries happen due to overuse. These injuries are called repetitive stress injuries or RSI’s. RSI’s happen by placing stress on the musculoskeletal system. Improper techniques or using faulty equipment may cause RSI’s to be created. Putting greater demand on the body with less healing time leads to repetitive stress injuries.

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Top 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

You want to start by pinpointing which injuries occur most often. San Francisco Chiropractor Supreet Shah of Truspine, says that these often include:

  1. Concussions
  2. Back Strain
  3. Lower Extremity Injuries
  4. Rotator Cuff Sprains and Strains
  5. Rib Pain

Common Conditions & Treatments

One of our main treatment options is spinal manipulation or adjustments. During this procedure, we apply pressure to the spinal joints in an effort to correct any misalignments. We may also incorporate muscle and soft tissue therapy to test and improve muscle flexibility. ART therapy, corrective exercises, stretching, and acupuncture are a few of the other treatments that we may employ, depending on the type and extent of the injury.

These procedures can help to treat a wide range of conditions. This includes everything from headaches, scoliosis, and whiplash to elbow injuries and heel pain. Other common conditions include:

At Truspine, we aim to help athletes and weekend warriors improve their strength and agility while preserving their long-term health. If you are looking for chiropractic sports medicine and would like to find out if you are a candidate for our treatment we would like to meet you. To schedule an appointment with our sports chiropractor, please call 415–415–1115 or book an appointment online.