Truspine is San Francisco’s leading comprehensive chiropractic and acupuncture clinic. We have combined a relaxing stylish atmosphere with clinical expertise and excellence in manual therapy so that you can enjoy the experience of getting your mind and body balanced.

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  • Things that improve your life and generally make you feel good:
    1. Being the only person able to soothe a crying baby
    2. Having an elderly person compliment your character
    3. Getting an adjustment from Dr. Shah
    – BRANDON S.
  • Are you an Athlete? Powerlifter? Or are you dealing with chronic pain or injuries?
    Dr. Shah is the man to go to.
    – DUSTIN H.
  • Dr. Shah is great to work with as he really listens and tailors your treatment, so it is a mix of classic chiropractic and physical therapy guidance.
    – MAGNUS B.
  • Dr. Shah is the third chiropractor I’ve been to and I’m hoping is the last…I’ve been seeing [him] for almost a year now, and from his professionalism to his practice, he’s been very consistent through and through!
    – SHARENE B.
  •  Dr. Shah is attentive, very knowledgeable, and is astute at diagnosing problem areas. [He] takes a proactive approach and provided me a number of self-maintenance recommendations I can do at home.  – DAMIAN W.

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